What is KAPEX?
KAPEX  -  is an independent exchange providing investors access to trade in innovative exotic instruments and derivative assets enabling full market participation for potential superior returns.
Features of the project
  • Favorable market conditions coupled with increasing customer demand enabling investors to take advantage of this new opportunity.
  • Innovative tradable assets, including:
  • exotic financial instruments.
  • crypto-assets.
  • commodity assets.
  • Full tokens buyback obligation.
  • Detailed financial analysis, demonstrating a robust business opportunity.
  • Low level of competition – allowing investors to take advantage in this growing sector.
  • To create market access to facilitate trades in new asset classes.
  • To expand investment opportunities for market professionals and individuals, and gap-fill market deficit.
  • To provide a long-term ability to generate cash flow.
  • To create opportunities for further development of the exchange.
  • To re-invest in strengthening positions in various functional areas (including expanding the list of trading assets).
Investment Summary
Key Indicators Value
Capital Requirements $5m USD
NPV $5,5m USD/ 313m RUB
IRR 65%
Payback period 2,5 years

ICO details
  • 01.08.2018 - 30.08.2018
  • 1 500 000
  • tokens
  • $0,48
  • Initial token price
  • $1,43
  • Token buyback price
  • ICO
  • 01.09.2018 - 30.10.2018
  • 7 000 000
  • tokens
  • $0,62
  • Initial token price
  • $1,43
  • Token buyback price
  • 01.11.2018 - 31.12.2018
  • The conditions will be established
    based on ICO results.
  • The remaining undistibuted
    tokens will be shared.
  • The additional issuance of
    tokens will not be carried out.
  • The KAPEX Token is developed on the Ethereum platform.
  • Investor has a right to sell back his/her tokens at price $1,43 USD/token to token issuer at end of 5th year after receiving a licence for conducting exchange operations in Russia.
  • In the event that the licence is not obtained, an independent audit is conducted and the funds which are identified by auditor are returned to the tokens owners.
  • Purchase of tokens on Pre ICO and ICO is possible by crypto-currencies BTC and ETH payment, and also for fiat money (dollar, euro and ruble). The exchange rate is fixed in the
Tokens distribution structure

  • 66,7% — will be given to token ICO investors
  • 14,3% — will be given to token Pre ICO investors
  • 12,7% — will be the team’s share
  • 1,6% — will be the share of bounty rewards (marketing)
  • 4,8% — is allocated for advisors

    ICO Marketing

    Pre ICO


    ICO resulte audit
    Till 30.11.2018

    Till 31.01.2019

    Formation share capital of stock exchange
    Till 31.01.2019

    Creation of internal regulatory documents for the exchange
    Till 31.03.2019

    Data-centre formation
    Till 01.05.2019

    Stock exchange software development
    Till 01.06.2019

    Conclusion of agreements with brokers on access to exchange trades
    Till 01.07.2019

    Obtaining of exchange license
    Till 01.08.2019

    The beginning of exchange trades of crypto-assets, futures for crypto assets and crypto indices
    Till 01.09.2019

    The beginning of trading in classic commodity assets and associated derivatives

    Financial engineering of new exchange products

    KAPEX tokens buyback
    Till 01.05.2024