Market Participation For Superior Returns
One of the most critical blockchain features is the ability to take your fate into your own hands and control everything you own. However, you give away this privilege when CEX has access to your private key.
KAPEX is an independent exchange providing users access to trade in innovative DeFi instruments and derivative assets enabling full market participation for potential superior returns.
In 2019, hackers have successfully breached eleven major cryptocurrency exchanges and have stolen more than $283 million worth of cryptocurrency
Latest research showed that 37 percent of respondents considered high trading fees to be the most problematic
78.2 percent of polled traders indicated that security of the exchange is the most important factor
Favourable market conditions coupled with increasing customer demand enabling users to take advantage of this new opportunity.
Trading on KAPEX provides many advantages over centralised exchanges and order book based DEX’s. The lack of an order book means all trades are executed against the contract, known as P2C (peer-to-contract) trading. Assets are assigned an exchange rate through price feeds supplied by an oracle, and can be converted using the KAPEX dApp. This provides infinite liquidity up to the total amount of collateral in the system, zero slippage, and permissionless on-chain trading.
High yields of crypto assets also bring to the market private users who are looking for alternative kinds of investments with higher risk premium. At the same time, the inflow of described groups of users, as mentioned above, is significantly expanding on the background of the ongoing changes in the World’s finance sector.
The more Centralization
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