Kapex: Pre-Farming details and Token Allocation

Much awaited Token Sale details are here! Our team is happy to finally present it.

PreFarming starts on the 25th of December


Ticker name: KPX
Hard cap: 900 ETH
Soft cap: 500 ETH
Tokens for Pre-Farming: 1 000 000
The total amount of tokens: 10 000 000
Initial circulating supply: 5 000 000 (Pre-Sale + Uniswap liquidity)

Token Allocation

Kapex Token Allocation

For a good governance of the Kapex protocoltransparency is a key value. We have been working on this blog post, regarding token allocation, in order to try to make these two topics simple for everyone. KPX is a token issued on Ethereum blockchain. Its design follows widely adopted token implementation standards (ERC-20). This allows token holders to easily store and manage their KPX tokens using existing solutions, including the Ethereum Wallet.Total supply of KPX tokens will be limited to 10,000,000 of which 1,000,000 will be issued during the pre-sale. 

Total supply:
10,000,000 KPX
Private sale supply: 2,000,000 KPX
Pre-Farming supply: 1,000,000 KPX
Bounty supply: 500,000 KPX
Company Reserve: 1,000,000 KPX
Kapex Lending Pool: 500,000 (KPX)
Team Tokens: 0 KPX
Pre-Farming Price: 0,48 USDt
UniSwap Listing: Next day after Pre-Farming
UniSwap Price: 1.5 USDt
Bounty lock period: 150 days
Unlock conditions: 25% per month
Token distribution: After PreSale

All unused and unsold tokens will be burned!